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Only At L’Etoile

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools the competition is fierce. So what makes families choose L’Etoile French Immersion School and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtLEtoile. Let us tell you more.

Morning Gathering

Every morning, students at L’Etoile rise and shine and usher in the brand new day with a song. We shout out birthdays and show love for each other. We also have a moment of peace and practice a new mindfulness technique weekly to set the tone for productive learning and self-care.

As part of our postcards from around the country program, we share the newest postcard we received each week! This is exciting because it builds a connection with others across the country, and it also teaches our students about worldliness and citizenship.

Our Special Projects
4th Grade Trip
Our 4th grade class travels to a French-speaking camp in the San Juan Islands near Seattle. This field trip offers an unforgettable opportunity for students to practice their French language skills in an immersive and engaging environment while exploring the natural beauty of Canoe Island. This island is completely walkable in just 30 minutes, and we have it all to ourselves. Some past activities include science experiments with the ocean and beach, examining trees, and creating art. In addition, the students are fully responsible for all our meals - from setting the tables to cleaning up at the end of the meal. The trip truly teaches our students about responsibility while furthering their knowledge of the French language.
Spring Festival
The Spring Festival is a pivotal event in L’Etoile’s school year, full of fun activities that bring our community together. This event is for current students, families, alumni, and the community as a whole! We have a crepes cart, face painting, arts and crafts, and music. We also share some of our favorite classroom activities: our story corner is full of books to share our love of reading and our 5th graders show off their entrepreneurial skills by hosting a cookie fundraiser. It’s a great time for our school and community.
Pen Pals
L’Etoile students have the exciting opportunity to connect with pen pals from France. Our Pen Pal Program offers a unique way for students to practice their French language skills, explore different cultures, and forge lasting friendships. Our students make meaningful connections on paper and eventually get to meet their pals on our 5th grade trip to France!
Grow a Hanging Garden
We are passionate about bringing the beauty and serenity of nature into our learning spaces. Our Hanging Garden project incorporates different kinds of plants that serve as hands-on tools for science learning from preschool through kindergarten. Students study the life cycle of plants and further understand sustainability by using recycled materials to build the garden. Another key aspect of the garden is beauty - so it’s a learning tool, and a work of art. This project is part of our partnership with other French Immersion Schools in North America - enabling us to share our garden and learn about others.
Reading Contest
Reading at L’Etoile expands our students’ imaginations as they focus on reading in both French and English. Students will practice their language skills and learn about cultural differences in how stories are told. Our Reading Contest is designed to inspire and motivate students to develop a love for reading and explore different genres. Each age group must read at least five books and pick their favorite. Lastly, this contest aims to foster a healthy sense of competition as we race to finish the most books amongst other French immersion schools in North America.
5th Grade in France

The culminating event for our 5th grade students is our 10-day trip to France, where students immerse themselves in French culture and participate in a true exchange of the language. 

While the itinerary changes yearly, the trip is always centered around appreciating French history and culture as students see the advantages of their French education. Some previous experiences have included spending time in the South of France, discovering ancient ruins, exploring a medieval town, and learning about the unique tapestry of French history. We have also seen the beauty of Paris through a cruise along the Seine, and its key monuments such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. However, sometimes the biggest lessons are found in the simple act of ordering food, asking for directions, or meeting up with their pen pals for the first time – all en Francais!

Sailing lessons
Exploring a medieval town
Taking in the sights