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Our Community

Community Celebrations

At L’Etoile we seek to strengthen the bonds among our students, and between parents and the school. Building a community where everyone supports one another, celebrates diverse cultures, and comes together to recognize our students’ achievements creates a feeling of connection, belonging, and sense of place. We hold many events throughout the year that create happy memories for our students.

La Galette des Rois (The King’s Cake)

Lucky students who find the fève, a small charm hidden in a puff pastry cake, are kings and queens for the day. Elementary students prepare the galettes for their fellow classmates. Bravo, les chefs!

Earth Day (Maternelle)

Students participate in a series of activities organized around four elements–earth, water, fire, and air. Parent volunteers help teachers run eight interactive stations. In the circuit of activities, students might learn how to unfreeze a dinosaur the fastest, blow a pompom through an obstacle course, dig for earthworms, decipher an invisible message with the help of fire, or observe the flow of a mini-volcano.

Science Fair (Elementary)

Students build science projects that reflect the topic of the Defi Science, or science challenge. The topic is decided on each year by the AEFE and engages students in hypothesis, scientific investigation and revision. Students are then given the opportunity to present their work to the school on our Science Day.

100th Day of School

Students in the 1st grade celebrate with math games and craft projects, while sporting crazy hair and whimsical clothing.


Students mark this festival by parading with hand-made masks, eating crêpes, and playing music.

Spectacle d’Hiver

The children come together to sing, act, and dance to celebrate the winter holidays.

Curriculum Showcase

The school year culminates with an exhibit of the students’ academic work including a robotics demonstration and short theatrical skits.

Get Togethers

Parent Volunteering

L’Etoile embraces a strong parent/school connection. Teachers and staff invite parents to volunteer in various capacities. Examples include helping in the classroom, assisting with events, chaperoning field trips, working on school-wide projects, and being the parent liaison for the class. Teachers will explain the many volunteer opportunities on Back to School Night.